Between the Freedom Center and the Abu Ghraib Prison


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Between the Freedom Center and the Abu Ghraib Prison
Ground Zero (4)

Communication présentée lors de The “9/11” Decade: Rethinking Reality, colloque organisé par Nicola Clewer, 6th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference, CAPPE Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton, Royaume-Uni, 2011.

It is no exaggeration to claim that the politics of the last decade have their origin in one event: the hijacking and flying of passenger aircraft into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Since then wars, putatively justified as responses to this attack, have raged in Iraq and in Afghanistan. These wars have resulted in the growth of violent opposition to a perceived US imperial polity; have been used to justify the rewriting of long established legal frameworks protecting the people’s rights have led to neurosis about the protection of borders which the age of global capital was supposed to bring to an end; and have seen the crippling of active leftist opposition to the opportunistic furtherance of the neo-liberal revolution. This interdisciplinary conference seeks critically to rethink this last decade and to put into question the nostrums it would have us take for granted.
Organising Committee Presentation, The “9/11” Decade: Rethinking Reality Conference program and paper abstracts